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Did you know that 1oz of sea moss powder is equal to 16oz of gel?

When I started my Sea Moss Journey I was searching for a powder since I was not a big fan of the gel form. Upon looking for sea moss powder I found out that there was only dehydrated powder form. Now that wasn't bad because 60% of the nutrients of sea moss are better than 95% of the things we are putting in our bodies already. 
So I still wasn't satisfied because I needed all my nutrients. Reading articles on the best way to preserve food and keep nutrients I stumbled upon an article that stated Astronaut used Freeze Dried food in space because of how dense it is and also because the method preserves 97% of the nutrients in sea moss. 

With Sea Moss being the best Multi-Vitamin supplement I've ever taken, I'm pleased that I get all my nutrients in powder form. Sea Moss is a natural way to regulate and get balance with your body starting with assisting with regulating the gut. The gut is the center of getting balance. Sea Moss will also eliminate excess mucus in the body and start the process of restoring membranes back to regular functioning form.  
Now, How do you use Sea Moss powder?
The same way you use the gel...add it to a smoothie, coffee, tea, juice, even all your bar soaps, scrubs, bath bombs, liquids soaps, beard oils....and preserves all your products longer.


Promotes Heart Health - With the phytonutrient component of this product, you can reduce your risk of contracting any type of heart disease.

Manages Blood Sugar - These capsules' specific antioxidant properties are targeted at controlling glycemic levels. With the right diet and routine addition to your meals, steer clear of diabetes.

Boosts Immune System - At a time where everyone is exposed to a high risk of infection, it’s important to stay healthy. Our Full Spectrum Sea Moss has antimicrobial properties that discourage the growth of bad bacteria internally for optimum health.

Improves Gut Health - Packed with probiotics, good liver bacteria, and fibers, these sea moss capsules have been shown in the study and in practice to improve overall gut health.

Rich Nutrients - Packed with essential nutrients such as magnesium, chromium, iodine, bromine, selenium, pectin, manganese, potassium, iron, zinc, B-vitamins, and vitamin C, it’s an investment in your health for a lifetime!


Benefits of Freeze Dried Sea Moss:

🥶 97% of nutrients of Raw Sea Moss

🥶 99% of moisture removed so absorption rate is high

🥶 taste just like original Sea Moss

🥶 20+ yr shelf life


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