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Irish Moss Capsules | Chondrus Crispus | 60ct

Irish Moss Capsules | Chondrus Crispus | 60ct

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Irish Moss or Chondrus Crispus, is a red alga (seaweed) that is found along the Atlantic Oceans rocky coastline in North America and Europe.

Irish Sea Moss Capsules is excellent for people who travel a lot,  stay on the go, or just looking for an alternative to gel. With Vegan Capsules(Tapioca Starch), Our fine powder Irish Moss is an excellent source of adding the vital nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis. 

Irish Sea Moss nutrients include B2(Riboflavin), B9(Folate), magnesium, Iron, Iodine, zinc, sulfur, calcium, and potassium.

High mineral, vitamin content, and fiber are excellent for improving respiratory health, eliminating mucus, aiding in digestion, and much more.

**No Fillers, No Additives, All Natural, and Organic


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