Sea Moss Yoni Bath Bomb | Set of 2


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Bath Bomb infused with sea moss, roses, calendula flowers, and motherwort. Designed to balance pH, refresh and hydrate the skin.

  • Sea moss powder deep cleanses the skin. Sea moss detoxifies and removes impurities while softening and replenishing minerals to the skin.

  • Calendula flower has been known to treat topical wounds, diaper rash, and reduce candida, which aids in treating yeast infections.  Anti-inflammatory properties help reduce swelling, healing irritated and dry skin.

  • Roses are filled with antioxidants, vitamins A and C. This flower has healing properties for dry skin and carries an astringent that battles acne and inflammation.

  • Motherwort is an herb that has been used in treating menstrual cramps, reducing menopausal symptoms, and relieving anxiety. It provides itch relief and caters to sensitive skin.