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Sea Moss Soap Bachelor Pad

Sea Moss Soap Bachelor Pad

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Coconut milk and hemp oil base made with activated charcoal and sea moss powder. Lather in this pristine aftershave-like scent while lounging around the place you call “home”.

  • Coconut Milk soap base contains high levels of vitamin C that aids in the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. It prevents wrinkles, age spots, and sagging of skin.

  • Hemp oil soap base contains gamma-linolenic acid GLA)which is an anti-inflammatory while promoting skin growth and new cell formation. Calms inflammation and assists with conditions like psoriasis while moisturizing the skin. Also contains anti-aging properties. The linolenic and oleic acids can’t be produced naturally by the body but are essential to skin health and anti-aging.

  • Activated Charcoal detoxes and purifies the skin. Exfoliates without removing the natural oils of the skin. Tightens skin, while removing harmful bacteria. Targets acne and evens the skin tone.

  • Sea moss powder deep cleanses the skin. Sea moss detoxifies while softening and replenishing minerals to the skin. 

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